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Can You Get A Divorce Without A Lawyer

Can You Get A Divorce Without A Lawyer
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How to get a divorce for free? Or Can you get a divorce without a lawyer? I know the period of divorce is full of hardships. For this reason, I don’t want these questions to add up to your problems.

Divorce makes you exhausted and emotionally drained, but it doesn’t have to be expensive too. You can opt for online divorce forms without a lawyer. Right below, I have briefed the whole procedure for How to apply for a divorce without money.

Do you want a divorce? I respect your decision. Still, I have explained legal separation to decrease the chances of you getting the divorce mixed up with legal separation.

Now you can give it a thorough read.

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Can you get a Divorce Without a Lawyer?

Yes, you can get a divorce without a lawyer however, it has terms and conditions. What are these conditions? Let me clarify it for you. 

First, you and your spouse should have a good understanding and agree on each, and every matter. These matters include custody of children, child support, parenting time, property distribution, and spousal maintenance.

The next step is Documentation. Some agents can help you with document completion. Still, I will advise the couple that they get lawyer advice individually. I know it does have a lawyer role, and you dont want it. This is the minimum possible way to complete your divorce.

The most notable condition, both spouses must understand their rights and obligations. In this way, you will be able to reach a successful agreement.

How to get a Legal Separation without a Lawyer?

Can You Get A Divorce Without A Lawyer

If you are seeking a legal separation, then you should know the difference. Legal separation is not similar to divorce. 

In short legal separation is a court-ordered agreement, where couples live separately. Neither they are married, nor they are divorced, even so, they are not allowed to remarry. 

The procedure follows as you have to submit the petition in court. For the petition form, you can find them on your country court website. The main step is being thorough in your petition. The judge won’t be able to provide you anything if you go with the original petition. You should be careful about the points you are covering in your petition. 

After that, you have to send a court order document to your partner. The purpose is to aware your partner that you have initiated the process for legal separation.

Lastly, if both spouses agree with all points of the petition, then the agreement will be easily finalized. As for the agreement, the judge will not undo any postulates except being ridiculously unfair or incorrect for the children’s interests.

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How to file for Divorce without a Lawyer?

Filing for a divorce without a lawyer is a better option if you and your spouse agree on the conditions. No worry if you dont know How to apply for divorce without a lawyer. 

Filing divorce does have some similarities to legal separation. Start with free do it yourself divorce papers. Check your state court website for online divorce forms. You may find instructions to fill divorce forms. If not? Visit your state court and collect divorce forms from there.

After filling divorce forms, submit them to your court. Prior to submission, you need to get your county clerk’s signature. Prepare copies of the form for your spouse, and yourself, meanwhile submit the original form to the court. Send the spouse’s copy via sheriff or constable. You don’t have to do it yourself.

The next step is preparing an agreement with your spouse which contains all conditions and a divorce decree. Once the case is on the court’s calendar, the court will ask you and your spouse to summon at the courthouse.

Soon after some hearings, the judge will grant you a divorce certificate. Sometimes you may get it done in one day. It all depends on the agreement postulates. Whenever the judge grants you, do receive divorce judgment copies. You can get them from the county clerk’s office.

Getting a Divorce in California without a Lawyer

Getting divorced in California without a lawyer isn’t different. If both spouses agree, mediation divorce is your option. The filling procedure goes through the same steps from filing for the petition to the divorce agreement. 

What creates a difference is the mediator, he will ask you for document submissions and a number of tasks. A couple needs to active and willing to all these tasks.

If any of the spouses are not willing, then you can hire an attorney. The attorney will notify your partner to submit documents and file your case in court.

Filing for Divorce in Massachusetts without a Lawyer

If the couple resided in Massachusetts for a year or the reason why your marriage is ended is what happened in Massachusetts. These situations allow you to file for divorce in Massachusetts, although the couple must be from States.

The best option if both spouses want a divorce is a No-fault 1A divorce. This procedure can be done without a lawyer. This makes it perfect for the couple who are like I need a divorce lawyer for free or I need a divorce lawyer and have no money.

To begin the process, both spouses need to submit their notarized separation agreement independently. Then, fill out paperwork containing a copy marriage certificate, separation agreement, signed divorce forms, a record of absolute divorce, financial statement, affidavit of irreversible divorce, and children’s custody.

To complete filing paperwork submit fess of 215 dollars in your county probate and family court.

Do I need a Lawyer for Legal Separation?

It’s true that you dont need a lawyer for legal separation. In a legal separation, all you have to do is submit legal separation forms and reach an agreement. All of this is only possible if you and your partners are separating on friendly terms. 

Couples opt for legal separation when their communication and relation isn’t at best term in most cases. This can make the whole process hard. If you are one of these cases, I will recommend you to opt for a lawyer.

From children living, children expenses to property and assets distribution all of them are issues you have to face. To make the legal separation process without a lawyer, smooth, you should consider these upcoming situations beforehand. 

What is a Divorce Lawyer called?

I assume you have thought over the conditions mentioned in Can you get a divorce without a lawyer. To be honest, any work without any expert is going to be difficult.

A divorce lawyer is also called a family lawyer and divorce attorney. Not only he specializes in civil laws but has the skill to control the process full of emotions. 

A divorce lawyer graduates with a degree of LLB from law school. Furthermore, he might have LLM which makes the handling of family issues, child custody, divorce, marriage annulment, and legal separation gentle.

For clear understanding, I am going to answer, What does a divorce lawyer/attorney do?

Apart from filing petition and documents, he deals with advocates, legal research, knowledge on any latest changes in laws, and reading thoroughly agreements.

 Going through all these jobs to make the divorce process smooth for the client. 


I tried my best to clear up your all queries, like do I need a divorce lawyer if we agree on everything and how to apply for a divorce without a lawyer.

I explained the divorce lawyer role and legal separation to help you reach a better decision. I know this is hard, but I assure you my article on “Can you get a divorce without a lawyer”. It will release some of your burdens.

It is a challenging period of life, but you have what it takes to overcome. Just don’t lose hope and get a hold of yourself. It will be over soon.


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