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Surviving divorce after a long marriage

Surviving divorce after a long marriage
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Being married for a long period of time, a person tends to identify themselves in the surroundings of marriage and family. Divorce can create a lot of emotional challenges. The world seems to end for you after a divorce, especially if the marriage was long.

You keep questioning yourself “Can I survive this divorce?” How long can I go through the heart break? Thus realizing surviving divorce after a long marriage can feel unusual.

 The same way it would feel unusual about forgetting your role as a spouse, mother, father, and husband. However, remember you are strong enough and you can survive this divorce. 

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How do I cope with divorce after a long marriage? 

Surviving the end of a marriage may seem hard to do so. If your marriage was a long one it can be even tougher. As you indulge yourself in the marriage so much, you may feel empty after a divorce. For surviving divorce after a long marriage, try following these realistic and emotionally aimed steps. 

Avoid self-blaming

A distinction can be made between “responsibility” and “blame”. However, only one of them conveys the potential for development. Think about the things and situations that led to the divorce in the first place. Including your part in it, however, do not let blame takeover you. 

You are not alone in this 

Occasionally you will believe, you’re nothing but alone! As you spend most of your life blending into oneness with the person who is no more there. You may think about whether your friends and companions feel passionate about you as “you” or “married you.” 

Put a pause on these thoughts and remember your ex is not the only one who loves you. There are people who convey unconditional love for you. Some may even appreciate the chance to catch up. So, look for them and welcome them in your life. 

Discover your kind of people 

Get in touch with groups of people that bring about your interests. This will also help you get out of your hiding place. It is a perfect and refreshing way to feel loved and wanted. The best part, you don’t have to be tied down to someone to feel the love and care. 

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How long does it take to get over a divorce after 25 years? 

Many people say that it takes about half the time you spent together, to get over someone truly. This means six months for a year- long relationship. Divorce makes an individual go through emotional pain.

After getting a divorce a person would want their life back. However, a part of them still lives in the past, recalling the memories and time spend with their ex. 

It is recommended by psychologists that it takes about one year for every five to seven years of marriage to pull through divorce. Marriages that are long lasting take more time to get over after a divorce. 

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What is the longest marriage that ended in divorce? 

Everyone wants a happily married life! Marriage is something that brings the best out of a person. The time they spend with their partner, the memories they cherish and the bond they build.

However, even after being married for a long period of time problems can arise. The couples at this point decide to get divorced as that is the best option. 

The longest marriage which ended in divorce is of former Indiana Governor Robert Orr. He was married for 56 years to his wife before he divorced her at the age of 82. 

Another famous marriage that lasted for 50 years and ended in divorce is of Alabama Governor Robert Bentley. 

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Is life better after divorce? 

Bidding farewell to a marriage is hard. Your whole life changes as you get a divorce. From accounts, to nurturing, to even depression, there is a great deal of obstacles to get over. However recollect this: you are getting a divorce for a cause. 

Research has shown that women tend to be happier than men after divorce. Life after divorce can be a liberating experience for many women. Although, money can be tight, and the battles of single parenting are tiring, being distant from everyone can be beneficial. 

 Divorce does not mean you are throwing away your obligations and starting an entirely different life. Yet, it can take a disorganized life and make it simple to carry on. 

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What is the number one cause of divorce? 

Nobody goes into marriage thinking they’ll get divorced; on your big day, you pledge to stay with your partner regardless.

However, sadly, regardless of how much love and vow a couple begins with. Connections can become bitter, and couples wind up getting divorced for various reasons. 

According to research the top reason for getting divorce is lack of love or intimacy. This is also true as the most common marriage problem after 25 years is lack of time and intimacy. Partners develop a routine which makes it difficult for them to spend time together. 

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How to survive a divorce after 20 years of marriage?

You two have been hitched for enough time to have waved off your grown-up children to lives of their own. 

Left with a vacant home, you’d begin considering the remainder of your lives together. You may have surrendered your very own requirements and wants throughout most of your marriage. You did this for the sake of your family, especially in case you’re a woman.

Surviving divorce after a long marriage can be tough but it is not impossible. Here are a few things you can do to survive it. 

Understand the funding: Comprehend your accounts by making an income or spending explanation. Clearly recognize your resources and debts. Make a reasonable spending plan so you end up in a circumstance you will be happy with.

Find a pleasant living arrangement: It can be tough to let go of the house where you lived for years. However, it is important for you to find yourself a suitable place to live in. 

Cherish this fresh start: Use this opportunity to bring positive changes in you. Be flexible and explore yourself even if you are old. Enjoy the life ahead and do the things you always wanted to. 

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After 25 years of marriage what am I entitled to? 

After a divorce, a spouse is entitled to alimony and share in marital assets. The courts decide how long you or the other party will get support. If you were married for 20 years or longer there is no restriction to how long you can get support.

Whereas, if the marriage ended in less than 20 years you cannot receive support for over half of the length of the marriage. 

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Marriage is supposed to bring joy and warmth to a person’s life. Sadly, some marriages turn into chaos and they end up in divorce. Surviving a long marriage can be very tough for various reasons.

It may seem like the world is coming to an end and you won’t be able to get through this. Remember you are strong and you can survive this! 

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