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Questions a divorce lawyer will ask

Questions a divorce lawyer will ask
Written by Muzamil Tahir

Marriage is supposed to bring joy and warmth to a person’s life. It is not only a social contract but a bond with your partner. The bond sparks life into both the partners. Sadly, some marriages end up in divorce usually due to lack of time and intimacy for each other. 

Are you getting a divorce? You must be planning to consult a lawyer and you would like to know the questions a divorce lawyer will ask? Continue reading this article to find out what the divorce lawyer will ask. 

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Questions a divorce lawyer will ask

You’re headed towards a divorce and one of the most important things to do is consulting a divorce lawyer.

Thoughts such as what to ask a divorce lawyer or what will a divorce lawyer ask me come to your mind. It is common to feel anxious and nervous on your first meeting with a lawyer. 

The initial meeting can be a crucial one in deciding whether the lawyer is good to go or not. During the first meeting an experienced divorce lawyer will provide you with a ton of information.

While doing so he should also be collecting essential information from you to assist you in accomplishing your objectives. This can have a positive impact on the outcome of your circumstances. Questions a divorce lawyer will ask include: 

What is your current living state? 

There can be many arrangements for the current living state. As some couples part ways before filing for divorce while some still live together. Some can have nesting agreements while some people have one partner coming and going often.

To prove his expertise an experienced divorce lawyer will want to comprehend your day-to-day living state. 

The legal advisor will need to know whether you are leasing, whether that you own, and at present what is the cost. In case you own they will want to know on whose name is it; both of yours and if not jointly, than how?

A divorce lawyer would also want to know whether both of you are on the mortgage or not. The outstanding payments must be disclosed to the lawyer if you are on a mortgage. 

Do either of you have separate property or a claim to separate property?

If you are unaware of the concepts of marital property and separate property, your lawyer will assist you. An important financial question to ask a divorce attorney is marital verses separate property as not all property belongs to the marriage.

While you may not know the values of the properties, it is always handy to have a discussion with your lawyer. 

Are Minor Children Involved?

It is important for the lawyer to discuss how child support is decided. As child custody and child support are issues are fundamental to any divorce.

The lawyer should also talk about the Georgia court factors for custody. The distinction between the various types of custody and custodial plans should also be discussed. 

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What questions to ask a divorce lawyer before hiring? 

Going through a divorce is tough and therefore, it is important to choose the right lawyer. It is not necessary to hire the first lawyer you meet, take some time and do your research before hiring. 

There are tons of lawyers who portray themselves as “family law” or “divorce” lawyers. Family law requires the mastery of complex principles and considerable experience.

If your case is basic in nature, with minimal monetary issues and no children, hiring less experienced attorney should be okay.

However, if your case involves considerable resources, complex monetary questions, and complicated custody issues, hiring an experienced lawyer is the way to go. 

People belonging from different states and countries go through divorce. A few important divorce questions to ask your attorney include: 

How long have you been practicing family law? What number of family law cases have you dealt with? Is it safe to say that you are a “guaranteed family law trained professional?” These are questions to ask divorce lawyer during first meeting in Canada. 

Moving on it is also necessary to ask the following questions: What is your plan of action for my case? What amount of time will it require to determine my case? 

Understanding your attorney has other work therefore, it is important to ask them the following: What amount of time do you require to return calls? How do I get in touch with you if there is a crisis? What do you consider to be a crisis? 

Divorce can be costly and getting to know how much you will spend on a lawyer is important.

Therefore, ask a divorce lawyer these questions: How might you charge me? What is your hourly rate? Do you charge for the time I go through with different legal counselors or assistants? Assuming this is the case, at what rate? What is your advance deposit? 

Similarly, divorce can be expensive in California. Questions to ask a divorce lawyer in California include: What costs (other than your own) do you expect will be included (for instance, for private examiners, doctors, and therapists), and how might you charge me for them?

Asking these questions and getting answers to these can help in you deciding the right lawyer for your case.

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What questions do they ask in divorce court? 

After trying every tip and trick divorce trial seems to be the last resort. People usually try to avoid them as they are time-consuming, costly and can cause anxiety. Sadly, not all cases can be sorted out regardless of how many attempts you make.

Even if you and your spouse decide to reconcile you may still wind-up requiring a court proceeding. 

There is a wide range of questions that a judge may ask you during a divorce proceeding. Remember to stay confident and always speak the truth. A few examples of the questions are: 

  • Fundamental background questions such as your name, husband/wife’s name, your children’s name etc. 
  • Affirming that your marriage is hopelessly shattered. 
  • You are able to meet residency requirements. 
  • Information regarding things that you and your spouse would consent to as part of a divorce settlement. 

It is important to keep these questions in mind and provide evidence of the statements you give. Your lawyer should be the main person asking questions of you and the judge would follow to ask for explanations.

During cross-examination, your spouse’s lawyer will get an opportunity to ask questions.

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Divorce can be one of the toughest things a person goes through. It’s mentally and financially challenging as well. The best piece of advice anyone can give is to choose your divorce lawyer correctly.

This is because the lawyer is your key component in representing your case. A skilled and experienced lawyer will help you achieve your goals. 

Before hiring a divorce lawyer, you would be thinking “questions a divorce lawyer will ask” this is an important aspect. Getting to know your lawyer beforehand is necessary as you will spend a lot of money.

The best way to go about it is to ask questions from the divorce lawyer and in return provide him/her valuable data.  

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