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Can You Get Divorce Without Your Spouse Signature

Divorce Without Spouse Signature
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When your spouse refuses to divorce, your mind is puzzled with questions like; Can you get divorce without your spouse signature? How to get a divorce without your spouse’s consent? 

Give your mind a break. This ongoing emotional roller coaster is of no help. 

Divorce is itself tiring. When your partner refuses to sign divorce papers, it will wear you out.

Your mind wants peace. Saving negative energy and utilizing it in applying for divorce is the right step. Give our article a read and follow our lead.

Dont forget to check how different states have few variations in divorce laws. Find your state and get to the work.

Can You Get Divorce Without Your Spouse Signature 

Is your spouse refusing to sign divorce papers? Or Do you want to divorce without your spouse knowing? Dont worry, I got the ways to get you a divorce without your spouse’s signature.

Since you and your partner aren’t on the same platform, a contested divorce is a suitable option for you. The Contested divorce is the procedure for all couples who disagree on anything. 

Whether the grounds behind the refusal to divorce are child custody, financial support, debts and asset distribution, or property division. All of it can be resolve through divorce proceedings of the court.

Initiate contested divorce process by filing for the petition. State the reason for divorce and pay the filing fee at County’s Court. Next, wait for your spouse’s response. Either your partner will not respond or contests your divorce petition.

If there is no response, the Judge will side with you and grant a default divorce. In case of contests against your divorce filing, court trials will take place.

You have to follow the above basic steps when getting a divorce. Before them, you must know about all your state’s laws and requirements. We have discussed some states so continue your read. 

Divorce in NY Without Spouse Signature

Do you reside in New York? Divorce in New York without a spouse’s signature is called No Signature Required Divorce.

New York No signature Required Divorce doesn’t mean you can get a divorce without your spouse’s consent. This Divorce proceeds similar to the basic steps however there are few laws that you and your spouse have to abide by. 

When your spouse receives a summons he or she has to respond within 20 days. Or else you will receive default divorce.

Sometimes you don’t know about your partner’s current location. Then, you have to follow court required steps and continue the documentation process. If your partner is still nowhere to find, you have to publish a divorce notice in the newspaper for 3 weeks. 

Keep in mind this step is possible if you proved to the court that you did the investigation. After 3 weeks, you will be granted a divorce decree.

Quick Divorce in NC

Next State, North Carolina. Are you seeking Quick Divorce in North Carolina? A quick divorce is another name of no contest divorce. It means you and your spouse agree with each other.

Quick Divorce in North Carolina has 2 procedures. Both require a waiting period before filing for divorce i.e 1-year waiting period or a 3-year waiting period. The main purpose is to confirm that the couple doesn’t conceive a baby and doesn’t have a change of mind.

How to avoid the waiting period in North Carolina? Sorry, legally impossible. Apart from living separately during the waiting period, North Carolina offers spouses 30 days only for the response of petition response.

A similar rule for all states. You or your spouse must live in the same state where you want to file for divorce. Prior to filing, a period of 6 months is required.

One Signature Divorce

Do you know? What happens if the spouse doesn’t sign divorce papers? A person who wants divorce goes for one signature divorce. Maybe you can proceed through it, as your query Can you get a divorce without your spouse’s signature.

Now the question arises; How one signature divorce works? In a  single signature divorce, you file the petition at the county court. Probably, your partner will refuse to respond to it. 

When the time period for the responder expires, the county court judge will pass judgment on divorce based on your grounds for divorce.

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One Signature Divorce in Florida

Florida is known for following No-fault divorce. It means you don’t have to prove your partner wrong in any manner. You can fill the ground behind divorce with “Irretrievably Broken” and the judge will accept that.

One signature Divorce in Florida means you and your divorce lawyer can file legal papers of the divorce petition. Your spouse refuses to sign divorce papers. It can make the process a Lil bit complicated than an uncontested one. This doesn’t mean your divorce procedure won’t be smooth. 

Here’s what I recommend. Hire a divorce lawyer/attorney. He knows his work field and can help you to understand divorce laws better.

One Signature Divorce in Texas

Another state which follows no-fault divorce. One signature divorce in Texas is similar to Florida however some laws differ. Dont know what I mean? Scroll up and read the previous paragraph. 

Let me state those laws. Before filing for divorce, one of the spouses should have to reside in Texas for at least 90 days.

Suppose miraculously you and your spouse get along. A period of 61 days after petition submission is required to pass.

Divorce granted. Now each spouse can appeal within 30 days till then neither you nor your spouse can marry. This 30 days appeal period is the time between judgment day to divorce decree day.

No Signature Divorce NJ

Living in New Jersey or not? New Jersey divorce law is the most reasonable one to your question: Can you get a divorce without your spouse signature.

Willing to get a divorce without your spouse’s consent? New Jersey family law to the rescue. How? In your current situation, New Jersey divorce laws state that your spouse’s opinion doesn’t matter as long you stand by your decision.

 New Jersey family laws understand that sometimes dissolution of marriage can be one-sided. For example: in harassment and abuse cases. 

No signature divorce in New Jersey is based on the default judgment method. No matter how much your spouse opposes divorce. It will be no use if your grounds are fair.

How Long Does Divorce Take

When getting a divorce, it takes 6 months from start to finish. This 6 months is a mandatory waiting period which is the minimum time.

Divorce can take more time too. It all depends on what conditions you are getting a divorce. If you and your spouse agree on everything, your divorce will be finalized in 6 months.

On the other hand, if your query is; How long does a divorce take if one party disagree.

Taking more than 6 months is given, as contested divorce has to go through court trials.

 Plus, after filing the petition, your spouse has 30 to 90 days to respond. It can be an aspect of your divorce judgment taking longer than average time too.

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How To Divorce Your Wife And Take Everything?

Are you separating from your wife in harsh conditions? Don’t want to share your hard-earned property with your wife? For the given situation, you can opt for:

Prenuptial Agreement: A contract signed before marriage, at which you can add your condition if the couple goes for divorce in the future.

Strong-Legal Team: If you dont have a prenup agreement, then; you should come clear with all your assets. Ask your legal team to fight for your conditions and state reasons why they should be own by you only.

No-fault Divorce: Let’s say you and your partner are politely ending your marriage. Both of you agree with each other and understand that property belongs to you.


Divorce without your spouse’s signature is a hard task. There are series of divorce proceedings waiting for you. Not only it will be time-consuming but frustrating too.

Our blog on; Can you get divorce without your spouse signature has the purpose of being your helping hand. Follow our guidance and protect yourself.

You can find your state and what is the best type of divorce for you. Understand your state’s law better and hire a divorce lawyer to relieve some burden off your shoulders.

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