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What Should a Woman Ask for in a Divorce Settlement?

What Should a Woman Ask for in a Divorce Settlement?
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Divorce settlement varies concerning the length of the marriage, and the reason for the dissolution of the marital union. It usually involves the division of a couple’s assets, debts and responsibilities.

The process of settling the terms of a divorce is a highly stressful one and brings out the worst in you, ex-spouses see the divorce settlement as a way to exact revenge on their partner and ‘one-up’ them by hitting them where it hurts the most, finances and assets.

Divorce is a way to exit a toxic or unhappy marriage but can also leave room for being exploited especially if you don’t know your rights. 

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What should a woman ask for in a divorce settlement?

Life becomes complicated, strenuous, and exhausting especially for women, more so if they are mothers. Your demands should be fair and legal, and you should ask yourself what is reasonable to ask for in a divorce from your partner. Important issues that need attention include; domestic support duties and responsibilities, property and asset division, partitioning collective debts, and custody of children.

The best divorce would be one under amicable conditions to reduce the transition’s overall friction. Settling outside of court is generally the best option as you have more control over the outcome, it is faster than the legal system mechanisms, costs significantly less, and is less strenuous.

Preparation is the main key, you need to be mentally and legally adept to deal with any development and stay away from toxic and misleading recommendations by friends and family members. 

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What should I include in my divorce settlement?

The marital home is a topic of great importance and contention between the partners as it is easily the most valuable asset. If small children are in your custody then remaining in the marital home would be a priority, however, if you do not get your partner’s stake in the property you will have to purchase it from him so you should probably approach the subject tactfully. 

You should also include life and health insurance coverage as part of the settlement if your partner was previously paying for it as the couple’s plans are cost-effective compared to individual plans. 

If your children are still quite young and not currently enrolled in any school or college it is important for you to future proof the issue and include it in the divorce settlement and compensation on their behalf. 

Parenting time should be divided equally between the two parents to secure a child’s healthy upbringing. This also reduces child care costs for divorced parents.

Retirement funds should also be settled as you are no longer eligible for your partner’s pension after divorce. If you have been married for many years or are near retirement age, you should focus on this and include it in your divorce settlement checklist

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How do I get the most out of my divorce settlement?

When settling terms of divorce the last thing you should be is spiteful and emotional as it can hurt you in the long run. Everything you own or are entitled to and is in your name is and can be divided between the two of you just like individual credit and debt.

If you are thinking or contemplating filing a divorce you must keep track of your spouse’s financial endeavors and activities.

They might not be transparent about all their earnings after you file for divorce. You should also gather all pieces of evidence of assets and valuables and not barge out the door unprepared. 

Don’t hide assets for if they are discovered could lead to heavy legal implications. Honesty is the best policy in this case. Giving alimony can be beneficial to you as those who receive alimony have to write it as taxable income whereas you can declare it to be a tax deduction.

You should also mindful of other such tax implications during divorce which could make you vulnerable. It is best to also consult a tax expert. 

Being petty will not help you in getting the most out of your divorce settlement as the whole process is already expensive and adding more legal fees might not be the best course of action. 

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What does the wife get after a divorce?

Divorce is a painful and hurtful process, but being a women does mean you have certain rights and privileges that are addressed to safeguard your interests and needs. 

Since traditionally men are the main money makers of the household, and divorced women are stigmatized after divorced and it is hard for them to find good employment opportunities. The wage gap between men and women of the past is also worthy of mention.

Therefore alimony is included in a divorce settlement to financially support the wife after the divorce. Now, however, women sometimes make more money than their male counterparts and therefore alimony is adjusted accordingly. 

Custody rights have also evolved as women no longer get an unfair advantage in their claim over their children, however, men have been gaining rights in divorce courts and a more likely scenario and the outcome would be equal custody between them.

Consequently, Child support is another area of concern where traditionally women were on the receiving end due to their sole custody, but now you might end up paying for it. 

Another rather overlooked reality of divorce is that women get their last name back and get to choose their maiden name from within their family. This can either bring a woman great joy or cause stress and depression for a partner after divorce as it is a reminder that the marriage and the previous chapter of their lives are now fully closed. 

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How much is a wife entitled to in a divorce?

To get the best idea for what you as a wife are entitled to after a divorce you have to remember that the terms of the divorce will be decided on fairness and legality by a judge, a mediator or you along with your husband.

You can use the free fair divorce settlement calculators online or consult a legal expert who can give you an accurate indication of a fair settlement.

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How to negotiate a divorce settlement with your spouse?

To negotiate effectively with your partner and come to an understanding with them you have to be in control of your emotions and understand that the legal system is flawed and what is fair and legal is not always right.

You should also keep your expectations in check and not build a lifestyle around someone else’s money which you may or may not receive.

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Divorce is a major lifestyle and things often overlooked in divorce agreements are the mental strain of it all. You should keep a divorce settlement checklist and reference divorce settlement examples so you are prepared for the start and the end of the whole ordeal.

No one likes to feel that they “lost” the divorce but divorce is not a game, it is a life choice which if you are not prepared for would leave you scarred emotionally and leave you financially disadvantaged. 

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