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My Wife Is Cheating On Me And Wants A Divorce

My Wife Is Cheating On Me And Wants A Divorce
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My wife is cheating on me and wants a divorce

Hold on! take a deep breath. Do not lose your temper and try to stay calm. Think about what made your wife do this terrible act. What made her do it. Think about your children. Think about the consequences you can face after you divorce your wife on her demand.

You should try understanding her stance. Maybe she needs more attention and care from you. Try making her understand that divorce is not a solution to her problem. We have been asked a question several times “My wife cheated, what are my rights?” If you have been facing a lack of attention from your spouse then you are at the right place! You must read the full article to know the solutions to all these problems!

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What should I do when my wife cheated on me?

Why is it that people cheat? Different people have different excuses to cheat. Some cheat because they get bored of their married life and want a new emotional connection. Some cheat because they want to fulfill their unmet sexual desires, and some cheat as the opportunity presented itself in front of them and they could not deny it.

Women have been cheating more for a while as they have been becoming more independent financially. We have been getting questions that my wife has been cheating and wants a divorce. Here are some of the tips you should act on when you find out that your wife had been cheating on you:

Take control over your emotion
Divorcing a cheating wife is not the right thing to do out of emotions. It is difficult to confront the reality that your wife had been cheating on you. You should neither bury your feelings nor let them explode.
Controlling your feelings will give you a chance to think. You should never make a decision that you might regret afterward. Being consistent will help you get out of the trauma easily. Cheating wives do come back to their husbands when they realize their mistakes.

Think about your family
No matter what the circumstances are, you need to think and reconsider your decisions again and again. Now that your partner has been found cheating on you with someone else, you need to think before making a decision. You should think about how your decision might affect your family and children. Your decision might change your life forever.

Divorce might seem the right decision at that time but, you have to think of your children. It’s not your children’s fault to suffer the consequences of your cheating wife. You should take a universal decision so that your family does not get affected by it.

Understand the cause
You must try to understand both sides of the story. A person can do anything in love. If one of the spouses does not get much attention, they might seek other ways of attention by cheating on you. Firstly, you must consider if you have been treating your partner right or not.
After you get to know the real reason. You are left with two options, either to stay married and continue a happy married life, waiting for the relationship to die out, or file for a divorce and make an end to your married life.

Know the depth of your relation
If both of you have spent a good amount of time with each other and developed an emotional bond, then you should give some time to your relationship. You should try to solve the matter with discussion first hand. Try being realistic and goal-oriented. Be honest with your partner. Give her time. Don’t give up on her and try solving her complexities in a better way.

If things don’t get okay, do the inevitable
Divorcing a cheating wife must be one of your last options to decide in the worst circumstances. Even after your continuous convincing and struggle to save the relationship, nothing seems to work, then opt for divorce. Be assisted with legal advice and know your rights. If she is pregnant, ask for a DNA test. This is important because she might not be carrying your baby that even after so much struggle she does not want to stay.

People usually complain that: my wife has been cheating and wants a divorce. These are the situations when you need to accept the reality and not to fear. You should convince your partner by explaining the difficulties both of you might face after a divorce. For her confidence you can ask the lawyer about legal procedures of divorce and solve the matter by discussion.

Even after the discussion and elaborating the negative aspects divorce can bring, your wife asks for a divorce, then you must not force her to stay. You must let her go and plan child care. You should split the child care with her. Give her the split of money and don’t leave your house.

After all the struggle and convincing, if she still wants the divorce then it is clear that she wanted to ruin your marriage life. Don’t let her ruin it. You should be a step ahead of her in that case. Go and make it real. She does not deserve you.

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Can I divorce my wife if she cheated on me?

Yes! You can file a case of divorce against your cheating partner. Luckily some states do not care about the reason for asking for a divorce. While in other states you have to prove the reason for divorce. Even if you don’t explain the real reason for divorce, that is your cheating wife, the judges might automatically know it. So, you should always be true about your reasons.

As charging the respondent with infidelity is difficult, you must hire a good lawyer to prove your stance right. If you want to divorce your cheating wife, you should make up your mind that you have to prove her infidelity. The infidelity can be proved by phone records, emails, video, or audio proof. You can hire a detective agency for this purpose or do it yourself which might be a bit painful for you to withstand.

Despite having a divorce, you should ask your lawyer to help negotiate child support and alimony. After that the property division matters should also be solved by your lawyer.

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Does cheating spouse affect divorce?

A cheating spouse does not have a great impact on the process of divorce. You just have to present some supporting proof to prove the infidelity of your partner. The reason that your wife is cheating on you does not affect the divorce proceedings much. Answer to the question: my wife cheated what are my rights are discussed below

You can take advantage of your partners immoral act in the following ways:

If your wife cheats on you, does she still get half?

  • You have to hire a good lawyer to provide strong arguments in front of the court to set you free from splitting your assets.

  • You can demand a number of assets from your partner if you are successful in proving that your spouse had been spending your marital assets on their secret lover.

  • You can also create an influence on child custody issues by proving that your wife had an affair openly in front of your children and it affected your children.

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Do I have to pay alimony if my wife cheated on me?

Moreover, you can take advantage of your partner’s infidelity (Adultery or an act of cheating) by proving it right in front of the honorable court. By this, you will not be bound to provide financial assistance (alimony) or distribution of your asset to your cheating partner.

I cheated on my wife, should I divorce her?

Man is not perfect. If you think that you have made a mistake and you repent of it, then you should apologize to your partner. You are good to go as long as your partner does not demand divorce after you cheated on them. You should try apologizing and solving the matter by discussion. You should repent of your actions and make your partner understand that it was a mistake that will not take place in the future.

If you are not feeling guilty for your actions and you are not ready to apologize, then you must divorce your partner. You must free your partner from your bad influence for the sake of their happy life.

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A man has to confront many challenges in his life. Sometimes you have to make life-changing decisions. Divorcing a cheating wife is not easy. The best way is to take these decisions calmly and smartly. We should never take decisions in a hurry and out of emotions. It has always been difficult to accept for a man that his wife has been cheating on him.

We would suggest that you try to save your relationship if your wife regrets her action. You have to think and save the future of your children and wife by making the right decisions. Try solving the matter with discussion and a cool mind.

If things don’t seem to work out and your wife has been cheating and wants a divorce, you should divorce your wife and take advantage of her infidelity by proving it in front of the court.

By doing so you can be set free from alimony, child custody issues, and you can also demand a certain amount of monetary compensation if you prove that your assets have been spent illegally by your cheating wife on her illegal love. We hope that you will find it easy to make a decision after reading our article.

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