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Should I Divorce My Wife For Cheating?

Should I Divorce My Wife For Cheating?
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Did you just discover your wife has cheated on you? Are you grappling about what to do next? This article “Should I divorce my wife for cheating?” will help you make a significant decision in your life. 

If your wife has cheated on you and you are struggling with what you should do now, do not decide in haste. Take your time to decide what’s best for you. This is one of the most important decisions of your life. Read on below to learn more about what you should do! 

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Should I divorce my wife for cheating?

Finding out that your partner has cheated can be very distressing. In most cases, if your wife cheated divorce may seem the only option to you. However, you can always give yourself some time and think the situation through. 

Divorcing a cheating wife can be a very painful and difficult process. You can think of other options before ending your marriage. 

Since there are two types of cheating; physical cheating and emotional cheating. Most people only consider infidelity with physical aspects such as sex. However, emotional cheating can be equally devastating to the relationship. 

Infidelity is a legitimate reason to divorce your spouse. However, the husband needs to understand the outcome of the situation and how it will affect the children and their custody. 

Should I divorce my wife for cheating might be the last option you can opt for. Before going for the last resort, you can think of other options. Even though you must be angry, hurt, and shocked, you should think with a cool mind. 

You can seek support and advice from trusted friends and family members. You can discuss the situation with a trained relationship advisor or experienced lawyer. 

You can think of talking and discussing the situation with your partner. Although it might be painful and disturbing, it is important to know the reality. Talk in private and assess what exactly has happened. 

Once you’ve established the facts and think the whole situation through, you can choose what you want to happen next. 

You could either end up your marriage without any delay or recommit to your relationship if your partner apologizes and promises to never do it again. 

If your wife doesn’t take responsibility and is not remorseful of what she did, it’s to end your relationship and file for divorce legally. 

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Is it worth staying with a cheating wife?

Your choice to leave or stay with a cheating wife depends on various factors. Not only do your feelings matter in deciding whether or not to give your wife a second chance, but also the behavior of your spouse matters. 

It depends on the fact that you’re wife has truly apologized and won’t do it again but there’s no guarantee to it. There are chances you might never be able to trust your spouse again after they have cheated on you. 

Gaining trust again is like fixing a broken mirror with hands. However, trust is again possible if the one who cheated is remorseful. For some people, it might be worth it because the receiver process can result in a stronger relationship. 

It might not be worth staying with your wife if she isn’t repentant and does not understand how much devastation has the cheating caused to the relationship.  

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What percent of marriages end in divorce after infidelity?

Many people wonder what percentage of marriages end up in divorce after one cheat. According to American Psychological Association, it is estimated that in the United States of America, 20-40% of marriages end in divorce after infidelity.

In one of the studies published by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), 88% of people cited infidelity as the major contributing factor for divorce. 

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How does a cheating spouse affect a divorce?

Infidelity affecting your divorce depends on where you live. In some states, cheating or infidelity plays a role in determining alimony, division of assets, or spousal support. However, other states do not recognize adultery or having an affair as a claim or consideration. 

Laws vary from state to state regarding divorce. If your wife cheated, divorce is filed by you then you can legally bar their claim for alimony. You can also escape from any monetary support or maintenance they may have otherwise been entitled to. 

On the other side, you might also be able to claim for alimony if it is the other spouse who has an extramarital affair. In such cases, you need to ensure that you have strong evidence to support your claim. 

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How to divorce a cheating wife?

If you want a divorce, you need to file a divorce case legally. The first step is to talk to a divorce attorney because situations like these can be difficult to prove. 

It is recommended to retain legal counsel first. You need to hire an experienced divorce lawyer. He should be able to explain the likely outcome of your case. 

A man must be prepared to prove that the infidelity has occurred as he should have any evidence of cheating. This may include phone records or emails/ texts that will prove your claim. 

One option could be hiring a private investigator who would trail your wife and collect evidence of infidelity. Another option could be doing this yourself. This process can be emotionally painful and disturbing. 

Your lawyer will be able to explain what happens next and how this divorce process works. He will then present your case in court. 

If you can video/audio evidence or any eyewitness, you can get a divorce without even paying any sort of maintenance or alimony payments. Your wife cannot deny cheating in court if eligible evidence is present. 

The divorce could either be contested or uncontested. A contested divorce means one or both spouses dispute some aspect of their divorces such as children or property. An uncontested divorce is the type of divorce in which both spouses agree to the terms of the divorce.

Nevertheless, if your divorce is contested or uncontested, you can get a divorce even if your wife doesn’t want to. 

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Should I leave my wife after she cheated?

The answer to this question mainly depends on you and how extreme the situation has been. You need not stay and suffer if nothing’s working. You don’t have to sacrifice your mental peace. 

However, it is possible to repair a marriage after one partner has cheated. If there is a sincere change in the behavior and both parties wish to fix the relationship, it can be saved. Although it might be a long healing process for you as it is not easy to rebuild trust. 

You also need to think about children and what effect will divorce have on them. Some couples have worked and struggled together with their relationship after infidelity and it was worth it. 

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Discovering your partner has cheated usually leads men to think “should I divorce my wife for cheating?” It might be a terrible blow for them. It doesn’t always end up your marriage in divorce but will change your whole set of expectations and beliefs regarding your relationship.  

Always remember, whatever is your final choice, you will be able to move on from it and trust again as nothing is important than mental peace. 

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